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If you suspect your partner of cheating it is important that you get the answers you deserve. Audio recorders and spy cameras are great for gathering evidence but they can easily be detected with counter-surveillance tools. So what is the best way to catch a cheating spouse? The answer is a live GPS tracker, and our top-selling vehicle tracking device is SpaceHawk!

SpaceHawk GPS


  • Waterproof Mini GPS With Magnet Easily Attaches To Any Car 
  • See Where Any Vehicle Is Going Using Our Free Mobile App
  • The Easiest Way To Find Out The Truth

SpaceHawk real time GPS car tracker allows you to be your own private detective at a fraction of the cost. Attach this spouse GPS tracker outside or inside a vehicle and find out where they are really going. There is no easier way to bust a cheating partner. 

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3 Easy Steps How To Track Your Partner In Rochester, NY

GPS trackers are used by pest control businesses, delivery vehicles, and anyone who wants to protect valuable assets, but the same GPS tracking technology can be used to catch a cheating spouse. Here are 3 easy steps to using a GPS vehicle tracker to bust a cheating husband or wife.

  1. Hide the live GPS device in the car of the person you suspect of cheating
  2. Record data to find out where they are going and use the mobile app to track their driving activity 
  3. Find out if your partner is cheating 

If your wife or husband is cheating online then we would recommend checking out the different spyware available to monitor computer systems. That way you can track their browser history and all the different websites and social media sites they visit. This is the easiest way to find out if your partner is cheating online. 

Thankfully, the days of going to a spy outlet that offers alarm systems and other counter-surveillance tools is now a thing of the past. Simply, place an order for the SpaceHawk live GPS or any other GPS tracker and we will ship the product to you. Our spy outlet Rochester, NY offers free shipping on all orders as well as discreet shipping so you have maximum privacy. Finally, if you need any help using the GPS tracking device our technical support staff is available Monday-Friday to help you! 

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