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Spytechs Wows Consumers with Product Variety

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Anyone into spy equipment – or for that matter, anyone who is unfamiliar, but curious about the advancements in surveillance technology – need only visit for a real eye-opener. is the e-commerce website of Spy Chest, a Crestview, FL seller of all things covert.

The website has information and products to boggle the mind. Upon entry at the home page, the consumer reads a tidy explanation about what the company sells and why that consumer needs a voice recorder, hidden camera, computer reader, vehicle tracking unit or counter-surveillance equipment. But the beauty is in the details.

This site reads like a well-crafted catalogue of products, each one described, photographed, features highlighted and price and product code readily available. This multi-faceted site is so well-organized, the viewer will not get lost while traveling through it; but they wouldn’t mind spending a few hours ogling at all the bells and whistles.

On the home page alone, the consumer is introduced to more than 20 products. You could be James Bond and still be impressed by something in this e-commerce gadget store. is a great read. But you’ll want to take your credit card along for the ride. These products might be fun as toys but they are of professional quality. In fact, one page covers contract policies for government agencies. If products are good enough for Uncle Sam, they must be good enough for an average Joe with a right to know.

An example of pricing: a digital recorder hidden in a functioning pen, with seven hours of storage, sells for $149. At that price, it would be a shame to lose it.


One would assume that most website visitors are there for business. They want to research and buy surveillance products. They want information to be easy to locate and easy to understand. They want the prices to be fair and the checkouts to be smooth. delivers on all counts.

Even though Spy Chest sells literally hundreds of different devices, the products are nicely divided into categories, easily identifiable in a column to the left of the site and consistent on every page. The variety of surveillance products could be daunting, perhaps to some consumers, so we decided to put the website to a test.

We went hunting for a SIM card reader. From the home page to shopping cart, it took four clicks.

Next, we feigned a need for customer support. We found Spy Chest’s toll-free number (1-800-211-7741) easy enough after clicking on the “Contact Us” button, and got a human on the phone right away. Also an email message (addresses are prominently displayed by department in “Contact Us”) went through without a hitch.

Nicely done. A responsive staff makes for a happy customer.

The company has a very prominent section on the upper right of its home page dedicated to new or unique products. It’s like a little showcase, putting a spotlight on half-dozen or so items. On the day we reviewed, the company featured a new passive GPS tracking system, the TracKing. It serves as example of how much surveillance technology has advanced in just the span of a few years. GPS tracking has been available for public use for less than two decades, yet these GPS tracking devices have evolved from clunky to sleek and efficient in – seemingly – just a few years. The TracKing is touted as the best passive GPS tracking system in the market today, with superior GPS signal reception and up to 80 hours of operation on lithium batteries.

Our only suggestion for improving content is to add some: We would enjoy learning something more about Spy Chest, its experience in the surveillance products industry and its leadership. We read in the press / media section that Pat Palmer is the president and that the Crestview, FL company has been growing at a pace of 40 to 50 percent in sales annually. That’s something to be proud of. The consumer might appreciate access to company background from a link on the home page.


What an awful fault it is when a website loses potential customers because they are unable to find what they are looking for. commits no such sin. The content on the site is detailed enough for veteran surfers and navigation is smooth enough for an e-commerce newcomer.

Overall, product descriptions are detailed, down to the operating system specifications. The thumbnail descriptions of each spyware product and bulleted product features are concise and well-written. Each button query is met by a fast link to a wealth of detailed information.

Click on “GPS Tracker”, for example, on the home page, and up pops a page with everything the potential customer needs to know, from battery size and life expectancy to accessories, to suggested applications. The Sky TRX live GPS Tracking System section even contains screen shots of the many ways a vehicle’s travels can be viewed on a PC.

On the day of review, Spy Chest’s policies, terms of sale and email addresses were easily found, checkout was trouble free and no broken links were detected.

Visual Appeal

Even small aesthetic details can make a difference in how many hits a site gets, how long customers view it and whether or not they return for successive visits. seems to have gotten a lot of attention in the graphics category.

We like that Spy Chest’s corporate name and image are carried throughout ; and we like the novelty of little bell pings when you sweep a cursor over the navigational dots on the header. It’s a small surprise that grabs attention.

Color use, in black, blue, red and orange, is consistent from page to page and easy on the eye. Body copy and header typefaces are clean and legible. We noted no spelling or grammatical errors.

The “More Info” and “Buy Now” buttons are of good size and stand out from the text, leaving no question where Spy Chest is hoping the potential customer will go next. The “Sale” icon is attractive; the “New” perhaps could stand out a bit more, but it is noticeable and draws a viewer’s attention to the product.

In a YouTube-frenzied society, ‘s video clips should be appreciated. People interested in surveillance products enjoy seeing footage taken by the product. It’s another selling point because it speaks to the quality of the products.

We’re on the fence about the image of the TracKing GPS tracking system. A woman was probably chosen to hold the device because it showcases the compact size of the vehicle tracking unit, but the pink fingernails could be seen by some viewers as distracting from the product image.

The consumer would be lucky to find a brick-and-mortar store with half the stealth gadgets available on . Internet shopping is the way to go when shopping for surveillance, counter-surveillance and GPS vehicle tracking equipment, whether that product is a hidden camera locator, a key chain equipped with a secret video recorder, a computer keystroke logger or a passive GPS data logger. is one of the better websites we’ve seen in this industry. Buyers of the products can expect privacy, accessibility, quality and competitive prices.