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As an authority on GPS technology, GPS Tracking Review is your platform to showcase the latest and greatest GPS devices to an audience of eager consumers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts. Our devoted team, bursting with gadget aficionados, devotes every spare moment to putting real-time GPS trackers, data loggers, and personal trackers under the microscope. We’re always on the lookout for cutting-edge GPS tech to dissect, making us the perfect candidate for your product reviews. So, if you’re a GPS manufacturer, distributor, or reseller looking to spark a comprehensive review, drop us a line through our contact page.

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For submissions, please incorporate a minimum 2-3 paragraph description of your product, its prospective users, what sets it apart, and any details related to the manufacturer or reseller. Content must be one-of-a-kind. We won’t accept duplicate content or copied product descriptions from other sites.

Be sure to highlight at least 5 features of your product in bullet-point format. Make return shipping postage arrangements beforehand or provide us with your company FedEx account number or a PayPal payment to cover shipping costs. Also, don’t forget to include a minimum of four images of the GPS product or software.

Please be patient and allow our team a maximum of 60 days to assess your product, create a compelling write-up, and feature your post on the GPS Tracking Review website

GPS Device Submission Guidelines

Please include a minimum 2-3 paragraph write-up that describes the product, potential users, what makes the GPS tracking device unique and any information related to the manufacturer, reseller or product submitter. Content MUST be 100% unique! Duplicate content or copy/pasted product descriptions from another website will NOT be accepted.

  • Please include a minimum of 5 features of the product in bullet point format.
  • Return shipping postage included with the product. We can also use a company FedEx account number or accept PayPal payments to cover shipping costs.
  • Please include at least 4 images of the GPS product or online software.
  • Please allow our team up to 60 days to evaluate the product, complete a write-up and feature the post on the GPS Tracking Review website.