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Top 3 No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker Canada

gps tracking device canada no monthly fee

Car GPS tracking devices continue to grow in popularity as more and more companies call upon the technology to safeguard automotive assets. This is because when managers have the unique ability to efficiently log mileage driven, document locations a vehicle has been during service deliveries, and make certain employees are choosing the best routes, businesses can flourish. However, as great as GPS tracking systems can be for businesses, the monthly subscription costs associated with real time GPS trackers can be a turn-off for some small businesses operating on razor-thin margins. This is the reason why GPS data loggers are so being called upon more and more among Canadian businesses seeking a GPS vehicle tracker with no monthly fees. Here are the top 3 no monthly fee GPS trackers in Canada according to the surveillance experts at Tracking System Direct!

Flashback GPS Tracker

Anyone who has ever asked, “What is the best car tracking device with no monthly fee?” needs to look no further than the Flashback GPS. Developed and engineered by LandAirSea Systems, the Flashback GPS Tracker is easily the best hidden GPS tracker on the market with no subscription fees due to the long battery life (over 100 hours of wheels-in-motion record time), waterproof housing, and surface magnet for simple outside placement on a company vehicle. This mini tracking device is popular among Canadian businesses because not only does the device not require a subscription fee, but the tracking system also does not require a SIM card. This allows the GPS data logger to work in rural areas in Canada including Pleasant Camp (British Columbia), Ivujivik (Quebec), and Rain (Newfoundland).

spy gps tracking device canada

2. Driving Activity Reporter

One of the top-selling no monthly fee GPS tracker solutions, Driving Activity Reporter is a user-friendly device that is perfect for any Canadian company that simply wants to determine where employees are going. Simply place the Driving Activity Reporter on a vehicle, then remove the tracking device from the automobile to see everywhere the automobile has been throughout the day. What makes this magnetic GPS tracker for car so cool is the low cost. With a one-time purchase of $159.00 from online stores such as GPS Tracker Shop, the Driving Activity Reporter is a great pick up at a good value.

no monthly fee GPS tracker

3. iTrail Logger With Magnetic Case

Distributed by one of the largest security companies in the United States, the iTrail Logger is the perfect tool for any Canadian business interested in the smallest GPS tracker for car, truck, or other assets. The iTrail Logger offers Canadian users upwards of 16 hours of battery life and can store up to 120 hours of vehicle tracking data upon internal memory. Unlike the first two GPS data loggers mentioned, this device is not waterproof but does have an accessory magnetic case with an exterior magnet mount that will allow a business to equip the GPS tracking device underneath an automobile.

gps tracking device canada no monthly fee

GPS Vehicle Tracker No Monthly Fee Canada

Businesses in Canada believe in doing things the honest way even if a moose is on the loose, but GPS tracking devices are helping all Canadian companies gain more oversight to vehicles and employees. Having the capability to determine how long an automobile was at a location and how fast the vehicle was driving throughout the day is a huge advantage for Canadian enterprises concerned about driving activity. With the above top 3, no monthly fee GPS trackers for Canadian businesses there has never been a better time for companies in Canada to invest in GPS tracking technology