Track Wife's Phone

Track Wife’s Phone


4 Easy Ways To Track Your Wife’s Phone -Without Her Knowing!

Relationships are unquestionably based on trust. But occasionally, people betray their wedding vows and cheat. But how exactly do you find out if your wife is cheating? In most cases, husbands who suspect infidelity turn to vehicle monitoring or tracking their partner’s phone. These surveillance tools are an easy way to determine if your relationship with your wife is headed toward repair or divorce. 

The good news is there are several ways to track your wife’s phone without her knowing, and using phone tracker software is easier than ever before. In fact, iPhone and Android smartphone tracking apps are simple to use and install on anyone’s phone if you suspect that person of cheating. The best part about using these phone tracking apps is that you can covertly monitor everything that occurs on their cell phones from text messages to DMs on social media accounts such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

Tracking your wife’s phone is simpler than ever with tracking apps, but what are the best ones to catch a cheater? Below we’ll go over four techniques and mobile spy apps for tracking your wife’s phone without her knowledge! Now, let’s dive in! 

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1. Spyic: Best Undetectable Phone Tracking App

Try installing Spyic if you’re seeking for the most effective phone tracking app to monitor your wife. Both iOS and Android cellphone users can use this spy app to spy on their husband or wife’s phones. Millions of people already use Spyic all across the world.

With the help of Spyic’s numerous functions, you may practically monitor everything that happens on your wife’s phone. All tracking operations are covert and undetectable on iOS and Android phones.

It is a reputable phone tracking app that can track your wife’s phone without her knowing. Parents, businesses, and partners all use this mobile spy app. It boasts the highest customer satisfaction scores in the phone surveillance industry. Spyic also enables you to covertly track your husband’s phone in addition to your wife’s mobile phone.

Spyic Core Cell Phone Tracking Features

The functionality of the Spyic phone tracking app is essentially limitless and includes the following aspects.

GPS Location Monitoring: Spyic enables you always to know where your wife is with the use of its GPS monitoring features. This GPS locator ensures that you are aware of whether your wife, kids, or staff are where they claim to be right now and can remotely monitor them at all times.

Message Tracking Through TextThis tracker application has the ability to intercept sent and received texts on your wife’s phone. It can allow you to track what transpires in her text messages. Even if the messages are immediately deleted, the software lets you keep track of multimedia items, such as photos and videos, that were sent and received.

Monitor Internet Behavior: Spyic makes it simple for you to find out which websites your wife frequents the most. You may get a list of all the websites she has visited on your wife’s cell phone using the app. You may even view all of their bookmarked websites and the data they’ve sent and received online. Therefore, you can monitor her online activities and keep an eye on her.

Calendar And Schedule Monitoring: You may install Spyic to learn your wife’s whereabouts today or in a week. The phone spy app also allows you to keep an eye on his contact list, calendar, and notes. 

Monitor Call Logs: Thanks to Spyic’s features, all incoming and outgoing text messages will no longer be a secret. You can retrieve the call information from your wife’s or husband’s phone to see the number, duration, and timestamp information. If your wife has many cellphones, you can track multiple phones as well.

Monitor Messaging Services: Not only may messages be sent and received on cellphones, but also through a variety of chatting applications. Despite the fact that you previously couldn’t track such apps, you can now track them with Spyic’s excellent tracking feature. You may access well-known social media applications with Spyic and track your wife’s social networking messages. Twitter, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype are a few of them.

View Multimedia Files: The majority of smartphone users regularly get a number of multimedia files, such as photos and videos. You can view anything on your wife’s phone using Spyic, including any images the camera takes. To facilitate their access, every picture and video your wife takes will be accessible on your Spyic account.

Spyic Cell Monitoring Advantages 

No Jailbreak or Rooting Necessary: Modern technology helps Spyic developers to do away with the requirement to jailbreak or root iOS or Android devices. Only a select few mobile phone monitoring applications can stake claim to this accomplishment. Spyic developers made it such that rooting or jailbreaking your wife’s phone is not necessary.

Operates Covertly: Everything happens in the background in this software. She won’t be able to surmise that you are tracking her phone if you do it this way. The app’s icon is immediately deleted. Additionally, the program pretends to be one of the installed apps so your wife won’t notice. There is no installation required on the targeted phone. You need to give her iPhone’s iCloud login information. That’s it.

Secure and Safe: Personal information isn’t stored on the server by Spyic. Additionally, it is secure because the software doesn’t call for jailbreaking or rooting her smartphone. Your wife’s phone becomes exposed to malware and hacking if she roots or jailbreaks it. So, her phone can be safe and secure using Spyic.

Remote Tracking Capabilities: Using this web-based monitoring tool, you can keep tabs on your wife’s phone from a distance. By logging into your Spyic dashboard remotely, you may carry out this task with any online browser. You can track more information about your wife’s phone than just location in your dashboard.

Installation and Usage Of Spyware

You must adhere to the straightforward methods given below in order to covertly track your wife’s or husband’s phone using this phone tracker app:

  • You must register for a Spyic account before you can begin the procedure. Register via the Spyic official website.
  • Configure the targeted devices.
    • Android: Download and install the app on your wife’s Android device to utilize it. It won’t take more than five minutes to complete. You will be guided through the installation procedure via the setup wizard.
    • iPhone: You need her iCloud login information to trace her iPhone. Give them, then click “Verify.”
  • After setting up her phone, it will take some time for the system to sync data. When everything is prepared, click Start to complete the setup.
  • After that, access your dashboard. Locate the Locations tab on the left panel by scrolling.

There are several features present here. You’ll have access to tools that help you find where your wife’s phone is at all times. Additionally, you will be able to monitor her current whereabouts on your dashboard.

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2. Cocospy Tracking App

Another excellent cell phone tracking for tracking your wife’s phone is Cocospy. This is a fantastic choice. It allows the tracking of both Android and iOS devices and is simple to use.

One of the greatest phone monitoring apps accessible right now is Cocospy. An easy-to-use user interface is included with the software. Additionally, tracking her phone does not involve jailbreaking or rooting it.

Because Cocospy is web-based, you may access her phone via a web browser. Once the app is configured, all tracking operations are carried out covertly using a stealth mode. This makes sure your wife won’t be able to detect the app.

The functions of this phone monitoring software are also rather amazing. For instance, Cocospy allows you to put applications on your wife’s phone and monitor its position (location tracking), acting as a GPS locator.

Cocospy Features

  • Tracking of calls, messages, and whereabouts
  • Alerts for geofencing and stealth mode
  • Tracking for WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Viber
  • Search and Watch History Tracking on Websites
  • Free Phone Number Tracking

Cocospy Mobile Spy App Installation and Usage

The Cocospy app must be downloaded first using the official link. Install the app after choosing your preferred Package (Basic, Family, or Premium). 

Install the phone tracking app by following the instructions provided here. Log in to your online account when the installation has been successful. The dashboard will display all tracking data for the targeted phone, including SMS, WhatsApp, call logs, etc. This is how Cocospy makes it simple to track any phone.

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3. Glympse App

One of the greatest phone trackers is the Glympse app. It offers a range of tracking options and ease of spying on cheating spouses. It allows users to track social media activities in addition to tracking their cellphone location. 

Both free and paid versions of the software are supported for all [platforms. The majority of the top monitoring capabilities are absent from the basic edition, though. Furthermore, in order to track her phone, even the premium version requires rooting and jailbreaking.

Glympse App Installation and Usage

Get this application from the Google Play Store. Install the app on the target phone. Set the time and phone number for when Glympse will automatically communicate the destination phone’s live position. Additionally, you may give the app permission to track your wife’s 

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4. FlexiSpy App

According to user evaluations, this is one of the greatest apps for tracking a phone without ever touching it or downloading an app. So, you can monitor her phone without physical access. The customer service staff also provides prompt responses to your questions and makes it simple for you to monitor a phone. This app can help you monitor your cheating boyfriend or cheating girlfriend.

FlexiSpy Installation and Usage

  • Install the app on the target phone after downloading it from the official website.
  • In the installation process, input the license key after checking your email for it.
  • After the installation is complete, enter your login information to see your partner phone’s monitored data online.
  • Enter your login username and password at to access the website.
  • You’ll be sent to the dashboard, where you can view all the information collected, such as browser history, from monitored phones. This is how the Flexispy App allows you to track a phone.

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The Bottom Line

A phone spy app is an ideal solution to follow your wife’s phone. Easy-to-use apps are the best option for catching your cheating spouse. Applications that call for jailbreaking or rooting your wife’s phone come with a significant hassle.

Spyic is the greatest phone tracking app. It stands out most for its mobile GPS tracking functions, which are included. Therefore, Spyic is the finest option for phone GPS tracking and much more if you’re seeking ease. 

Please feel free to inquire in the comments area if you need any more assistance or have any queries about how to track your wife’s phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are GPS Trackers Better At Catching Cheaters Than Spy Apps?

Yes! by equipping a hidden GPS tracker on your wife’s car you can track and check to see everywhere she is going in real time. GPS location tracking is actually what most private investigators use to catch a cheating wife or husband.

When The Phone Is Turned Off, Can It Still Be Tracked?

The phone must be switched ON and connected to the internet in order to track its data. The spy software will record the data and transfer it to the server, where you may view it on the dashboard. However, if the phone stays inactive for a longer amount of time, it will transfer all the data as soon as it is switched on and connected to the internet.

Can My Wife Find Out Her Phone Has Tracking Software Installed?

No, she cannot determine if the app was hidden when it was installed. Unless she is an IT pro and is familiar with how iOS and Android operate, in which case she can figure it out. Otherwise, a naive person might have a difficult time identifying a spy app on her phone.

Does Factory Reset Affect Cell Phone’s Spy App?

Yes, all installed spy apps will be deleted from the phone after a factory reset. To start tracking the phone’s data, you must reinstall the app and log in using your login credentials.

Is It Possible To Track A Phone Without Downloading An App?

Regrettably, that is not feasible. The app must be correctly installed on the target phone and linked to your Spyic or other spy app server using your login credentials or the Unique ID you gave the app supplier when you made the purchase. The app has to be installed on the phone to track all the data and send it to the server.

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