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Publish Date: October 13, 2020

Last Update: June 24, 2024

Vyncs GPS Tracker Review 2024 – Everything You Need To Know About Vyncs Device!

Are you in search of a reliable and feature-packed OBD2 tracker? Look no further than the Vyncs GPS tracker. As one of the leading vehicle monitoring solutions available, Vyncs offers real-time location tracking and crucial data to promote safety on the road. By connecting seamlessly to your vehicle’s OBD-II port, this top-selling GPS tracker on Amazon delivers precise information without any monthly fees. In this article, our GPS experts will provide a Vyncs GPS tracker review and discover if it lives up to its well-deserved acclaim.

What Is Vyncs?

Vyncs is an OBD2 GPS that provides real time GPS tracking data that you can access from a web browser, iPhone or Android, allowing you to locate a vehicle’s position anytime. With a live map auto-refresh feature that will pinpoint an automobile’s location every minute and diagnostic reports that provide data regarding a vehicles’ maintenance and overall health, Vyncs is marketed as one of the best tools for driver monitoring and safety.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars OBD2

Vyncs Real Time GPS Features

  • Stop Unsafe Driving Before It Hurts Your Business
  • Provides Location Updates On Where A Driver Is 24/7
  • Maintenance Reminders Protect Commercial Fleets
  • Unsafe Driving Alerts Let You Know When A Teen Diver Is Speeding
  • Harsh Braking Alert Systems
  • Monitor Fuel & Fuel Levels Remotely
  • Improve Driving Habits Of Teen Drivers

vyncs gps tracker review

Vyncs GPS Tracker Unboxing

When the Vyncs Pro arrived the first step was activating the GPS tracking system. This was done with an online form where we created a username and passcode. Once the device was registered and we paid the one-time activation fee of $40.00 we only needed to connect the OBD GPS to the port of the vehicle. We then planned on using tracker apps for iPhone and Android to track where the vehicle was going.

We do feel it is worth mentioning that most people who invest in tracking devices tend to want as much privacy as possible, and the online form required a significant amount of personal information before the car GPS tracking system would work. Below is a screenshot of that 3G car tracker activation form.

vyncs not working

As a verified buyer said on Amazon (May 29, 2017), Vyncs fleet states they do not require personal info to activate the real time GPS, but you can’t proceed with the activation without information such as date of birth, gender, contact number, etc. 

What Buyers Of Vyncs Are Saying About The OBD2 Tracker 

According to Amazon reviews, the overall rating for the Vyncs OBD real time GPS is 4 out of 5 stars. This means Amazon buyers gave Bouncie GPS and LandAirSea 54 a higher rating. One 5-star Amazon reviewer said the following about Vyncs GPS tracker, “No monthly fee and you get true tracking with location updates!”.

However, an Amazon buyer who had a negative experience and left a one-star rating said, “After contacting customer service 10 plus times and getting nowhere, I returned this unit to Amazon and will dispute any $30 activation fee with my credit card company”.

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Vyncs Specs 

Vyncs GPS Tracker Installation

One of the things we loved about Vyncs premium and pro was how easy it was to connect to the port of your car. There were no wires or extension cables that needed to be connected to the 12-volt system, which means you do not need any technical expertise to install the car tracker. It really is a simple plug-and-play solution and only takes a few seconds to connect once you find the obdii port inside your vehicle. The connected car tracker will then take power from the vehicle’s battery. It should be noted that GPS vehicle tracker does not have an internal battery so once it is disconnected from the car the SIM card inside the device won’t be able to provide a GPS update, as it will not have any power.

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Vyncs obdii

If you do not know where the obd ii is on your car then check out this guide that will help you locate it on any make and model of vehicle by CLICKING HERE!

Vyncs Location Trackers 

Some of the things we really loved about this realtime tracking solution were the driver alerts and reporting features that included a vehicle health monitor and rapid acceleration data that makes it easy to know if company drivers are abusing work vehicles. Not to mention, the GEO fencing alerts that will text you if your vehicle is stolen and speed alerts that will ping your cell phone if a teen driving your car are moving dangerously too fast. However, one of our favorite things about this vehicle GPS was that it does not have a monthly subscription for the first year!  That means all you pay to access all of Vyncs features and realtime GPS updates are $79.95 for each device and a $40.00 one-time activation obligation.

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GPS Tracker Annual Subscription

The first year of monitoring service is included with the purchase GPS tracking devices. But how much does it cost after the first year to keep your Vyncs device reporting live data? The renewal obligation after year one for Vyncs Basic 4G is $99.99 per year. Vyncs Pro users will pay $119.99 per year for the 4G service. 

Vyncs Reports

Vyncs Customer Service

Technical support is important when it comes to technology products, especially vehicle tracking devices. That is why we felt it was important to provide some testimonials from verified buyers on Amazon who ran into some issues with their Vyncs not working. The company’s website states that phone support is available Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Online chat support has more extended hours. However, many customers find it hard to reach customer service, often resorting to support tickets and waiting for responses. This issue is common among GPS tracking companies. In contrast, LandAirSea offers 24/7 technical phone support, which is why we love their products!

Is This The Best GPS Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee Amazon?

As of October 2020, this GPS tracker for vehicle monitoring is one of the best realtime GPS trackers with no monthly fees featured on Amazon according to verified buyers. However, the vehicle tracking device did not receive a rating better than Bouncie or Tracki. Vyncs is certainly a great buy with tremendous value, and if you are a little tech-savvy you will have no issue operating this vehicle GPS tracker. However, if you are concerned you might need some guidance when it comes to set-up or utilizing all the product features then we would suggest you check out another top-selling OBD tracker by CLICKING HERE! 

Our experts say Vyncs is a good buy and quality GPS device that will help anyone secretly track a vehicle! For more information on this product please visit https://vyncs.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Vyncs GPS tracker provide real-time location updates?

Yes, the Vyncs GPS tracker offers real-time tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s location with precision. Whether you worry about your car’s safety or need to monitor a fleet, the Vyncs tracker helps. The tracker’s live map feature offers up-to-date information about your vehicles’ locations.

Can the Vyncs GPS tracker help with vehicle maintenance and diagnostics?

Absolutely! The Vyncs GPS tracker goes beyond location tracking. It also provides valuable insights into your vehicle’s health and performance. Through its OBD-II port connectivity, the device can read diagnostic codes, detect check engine lights, monitor fuel levels, and even analyze driving patterns like hard braking and rapid acceleration.

Is the Vyncs GPS tracker easy to use and monitor through a mobile app?

Yes, the Vyncs GPS tracker offers a user-friendly experience through its dedicated Vyncs app. The app allows you to access all the essential information about your vehicle, including live tracking, trip history, and driving alerts. You can conveniently monitor multiple vehicles and set up customized notifications for added convenience and security.

What are the subscription plans and pricing options for the Vyncs GPS tracker?

Vyncs offers various subscription plans tailored to different needs. The plans range from the Basic plan, which includes essential features like real-time tracking and vehicle health reports, to the Premium and Fleet plans, which offer advanced functionalities for businesses and commercial vehicle owners. For detailed information about the subscription plans and pricing, visit the official Vyncs website or contact their customer support.

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