What Apps Do Cheaters use

What Apps Do Cheaters Use


What Chat Apps Do Cheaters Use?

If you think you’re dealing with partner cheating but don’t know how to catch cheater behavior, it can help to know what apps cheaters use. If you have a cheating spouse, you probably want to be able to prove your partner is cheating. Let’s look at common cheating apps—as well as spy apps to catch cheating partners.

People looking at their husbands’ phone may look at browsing history or call logs when being a phone spy. But most of the time a cheating spouse won’t leave the evidence so readily available; when it comes to detecting secret affairs, calls or texts or browsing history won’t give away a cheating partner unless that partner has been sloppy. After all, most people would be smart enough to hide pictures, messages call logs, secret chats, and more.

That’s why you have to be a mobile spy and can start by familiarizing yourself with cheating apps.


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Top 10 Apps Cheaters Communicate With

Private Message Box

A private messaging service, Private Message Box is popular with cheaters because it helps them hide their affairs. It also doesn’t appear in the app icons (like many other secret apps) and offers in-app purchases so that it doesn’t show up on a phone bill.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison cultivates and encourages affairs with the tagline, “Life is short, have an affair.” It allows a cheating spouse to cheat on their partners in cities all over the country and world with discreet matchmaking.

Vaulty Stocks

One of the most common apps for cheaters on Android, Vaulty Stocks includes a password/pin-protected vault for private messaging, ensuring people looking for secret affairs can keep hidden chats. It also takes a photo of anyone trying to break in, so be careful if you’re being a phone spy trying to catch your cheating spouse.


Viber is a common app for international messages. After a set amount of time, however, incoming and outgoing private messaging is hidden behind a pin-protected wall, allowing people who cheat on their partners to hide their affairs.


Snapchat was originally designed to racy photos, as the app deletes messages after they’re seen, meaning cheaters can hide pictures—or picture and video—from their cheating partners.

Date Mate

If your partner is cheating and looking to keep their affairs secret, Date Mate is another common app. It’s location-based, offers private messaging, and won’t show up on a phone bill.


Tinder is well-known as hook-up app, so if your cheating partners are using Tinder, they’re not trying to hide their affairs and are willing to openly cheat on their partners.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also just one of the most common chat apps, but as a result, it often doubles purposes for people looking for cheating apps. If you see lots of secret chats on your partners phone on Whatsapp Facebook or other chat apps, be concerned.


Like Facebook Messenger, because it is such a common app it doesn’t need to be one of those hidden apps to hide secret affairs. If you watch to catch cheater partners, picture and video and chat apps are a good place to look first as a phone spy.


Kik is another common apps for cheating because it is such a common apps on their phone. As with any other private messaging app, even a quick look at secret chats can tell you quite a bit.

What Is Considered Cheating On Social Media?

Finally, you have to decide what constitutes a cheating spouse or what you think is partner cheating. For some people, micro-cheating behaviors such as sharing flirty pictures and videos or messages and phone calls are past the line. For others, it has to be something physical to constitute secret affairs. So you and your partner need to know what each considers unacceptable when looking at the potential to cheat on their partners. Your partner’s phone, if you’re willing to be a phone spy, can tell you a great deal, but also means there’s some broken trust; after all, you don’t look at your husband’s phone or browsing history if you trust them. People looking at their boyfriends’ text history, messages call logs and even pictures and videos are doing so because they suspect they’ll catch cheater behavior.