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Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

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Publish Date: December 7, 2021

Last Update: March 19, 2024

Top 7 Spots Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

As a parent, when your teen takes the car keys for the first time, your heart skips a beat. You can’t help but wonder about their safety on the road. Naturally, you begin researching vehicle tracking devices. You consider this option, not as a means of invading privacy, but to ensure their well-being. In this article, we’ll guide you through the top seven most effective spots where to install a GPS tracker on a vehicle. From the inconspicuous corners under the steering wheel to hidden spots within your car, we’ll help you find the perfect hiding place. By the end, you’ll have clear answers and peace of mind about where to hide a GPS tracker on a car!

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Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car



The RF Bug Detector shines in detecting a car tracking device, whether it’s a personal GPS tracker or a vehicle GPS tracker, hidden in the nooks and crannies of your car. In fact, this product will help you find any unauthorized tracking devices, offering you peace of mind. If you are worried someone is secretly tracking your car, the RF Bug Detector will help you discover the truth!

Key Features include:

  • Extensive detection range: The RF Bug Detector can locate trackers hidden anywhere from the front or rear bumper to spots inside the dashboard.
  • Passive, wireless, and infrared scanning: Accurately detect a wide range of eavesdropping frequencies, from 1MHz to 8GHz.
  • Sound and vibration prompts: It offers multiple detection prompts, making it easy to use in any environment.
  • Strong, visual LED signal strength window: Helps you pinpoint the exact location of the tracking device.


  • Enhanced sensitivity: Covers a detection area of up to 15 square meters, ensuring no area inside the car remains unscanned.
  • User-friendly: Simple two-button design ensures anyone can operate it with ease.
  • Durable and lightweight: Perfect for regular use, fits comfortably in various locations.
  • Long-lasting battery: Rechargeable battery provides up to 30 hours of usage, eliminating the need for frequent charging.

Discover potential trackers in spots like under the seat cushion, in the brake light, or tucked inside the center console. From teen drivers to fleet management, the RF Bug Detector is a must-have tool for ensuring the privacy and security of your vehicle.

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1. Diagnostic Port Under The Steering Wheel

When it comes to fleet tracking of company vehicles, most businesses equip real-time GPS devices to the OBDii port which is located under the steering wheel. The reason for this is a GPS tracker for car that is connected to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port can pull power from the vehicle’s battery. The OBDii port is also a nice little hiding spot for a GPS vehicle tracker so if you’re looking for a hidden car GPS tracker that’s likely where you should look first! Among GPS fleet applications, the OBDii port is the most common hiding spot inside a car or truck, but when it comes to a spouse GPS or teen tracking, the locations mentioned below are more frequently used. 

OBDiI GPS Tracker

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2. Inside The Wheel Well Of A Car

Tracker devices that are designed to withstand all conditions and that utilize strong magnets can easily be attached outside of a vehicle without the driver ever knowing. This is the reason why GPS tracking systems used by a private investigator or suspicious spouse often hide the GPS trackers inside the wheel well. Wheel wells are a common hiding area for trackers, but the good news is they can also be more easily searched. Keep in mind that any place that is easy for a person to reach to install the GPS tracking device is also going to be easy for you to access.

hidden GPS Tracking Device

GIF: Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

3. Carefully Search The Glove Compartment 

Hiding trackers inside the glove compartment is something many people do because 1) the glove box is easily accessible, and 2) GPS signals can easily penetrate through fiberglass making the glovebox an ideal location to hide a vehicle tracking system. The best practice is to open the glove compartment and use a flashlight to scan inside and around the space to search for and identify any tracker devices. 

4. Underneath The Driver Or Passenger Seat

Sun visors and compartments on the door are not good locations to hide a real time or passive GPS because they are so visible to drivers, but underneath the driver or passenger seats are very good locations, The reality is most people rarely look under their seats, and that means inside the vehicle is one of the best spots to hide GPS trackers, voice recorders, or any surveillance solutions. Especially, from teen drivers or other drivers that will give you constant access to the automobiles they drive. 

5. Attached Underneath The Automobile

Other than the wheel well, other exterior hiding locations commonly used include the frame itself. The reality is GPS tracking devices placed under a vehicle can pick up GPS signals that reflect off the ground. This means a GPS car tracker can easily acquire satellite signals under a car, allowing the GPS to provide pinpoint accurate locations. Many hidden trackers are now engineered to be waterproof with magnet mounts while others come with accessories such as a magnetic box that make it easy to place the real time GPS under a car without anyone knowing!

If you believe there is a truck GPS tracker under your car then the first thing you will want to do is perform a visual inspection. If you do not see anything at first glance, you could take your vehicle to an auto mechanic and have them lift the vehicle so you can get a clearer picture of the undercarriage of the automobile. 

Keep in mind, that there are portable GPS trackers with long battery life that can record everywhere you go for months without requiring a hard-wire or OBD connection! 

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

Infographic: Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

6. Under The Hood

Another location where tracker devices are not frequently hidden but should certainly be scanned is under the hood. This is typically the spot where a car dealership might hide tracking solutions in case they need to repo the vehicle. Car dealership GPS devices are designed to provide real time GPS updates maybe once every day so they have a very long battery life and can work for up to 3 years! The hidden GPS trackers are equipped onto vehicles financed by the car dealership in case the company needs to repo the automobile. This location is not ideal for placement due to potential issues with accuracy from poor GPS reception but given the limited scope of the application and the need to be covert, underneath the hood is where you could expect a car dealership to hide a GPS car tracker. 

7. Inside The Trunk Of A Car

Another place to consider searching for a vehicle tracker includes the trunk. While more easily seen (depending on how often the trunk is used or how clean it is kept), hiding a GPS data logger in the trunk also means the potential for the tracker to struggle to acquire GPS signals. This is the reason the location is actually the least common spot people put a hidden GPS tracking device.  

The truth is, you can hide a GPS tracker nearly anywhere inside or outside the vehicle. The trick is to be aware of where someone might search, how easily or quickly you can get to it if you need to retrieve it to download the data off of your GPS data logger, and other considerations such as battery life and vulnerability to weather and road elements.

Helpful Tips For Finding A GPS Device Hidden On Your Vehicle

Suspecting a hidden GPS tracker in your car can be unsettling. Here, we provide practical tips to help you locate such a device.

  • Be thorough in your search. Given the compact size of most GPS tracking devices, small and easily accessible hiding spots can often be overlooked. Always double-check these areas.
  • A bug detector could be a handy tool. While it may not detect a passive tracker, it can easily find active ones that are transmitting signals.
  • Make the data port your first stop. This is one of the easiest and most common places to hide a car GPS tracker.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. Technicians specializing in automobile electrical systems, car alarms, or even audio systems are well-versed in your vehicle’s wiring, allowing them to identify any out-of-place equipment with ease.

Remember, dealing with GPS technologies requires attention to detail. Your vigilance could save you from potential car theft and invasions of privacy.

Inspecting The Exterior and Interior Of Your Car For A GPS Tracker

Do you believe someone is secretly tracking your vehicle? If so, the thought can be frightening. So let’s talk about how to find portable GPS trackers. Truthfully, numerous locations can conceal a GPS used for car tracking. In fact, you can hide GPS tracking systems in the diagnostics port, inside the bumper, and even the brake light! Pretty crazy, right? Therefore, let’s start with what you need to inspect the exterior and interior of your vehicle. To find a GPS tracker, you will need a flashlight, mirror, and perhaps a bug sweeper. Now, let’s discuss the top 10 spots might have hidden a tracker on your car. 

  1. Wheel wells, being easily reachable, make an excellent hideout for a personal GPS tracker.
  2. Inside the wheel well’s plastic liner. A loose liner may hint at a magnetized device hidden against the car frame.
  3. Underneath the car’s main body, although access can be challenging.
  4. Behind or inside the bumper, given its various components.
  5. The engine compartment.
  6. The trunk, especially in corners or hidden under objects.
  7. Under and behind seats, including seat pockets or between seats.
  8. Around the dash, particularly the data connector.
  9. Sun visors and center consoles.
  10. The seats themselves, as they’re often overlooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you consider when choosing a location for your tracker in your car?

When choosing a location for your tracker in your car, consider factors like signal strength, easy access, and how well it’s concealed. Keep in mind that GPS technologies require a clear path to satellite signals, so make sure the tracker isn’t blocked by metal surfaces. A location with easy access is important for maintaining the device, and hiding the tracker well can prevent it from being discovered and removed.

Is it legal to place a GPS tracker in your car?

Yes, it’s generally legal to place a GPS tracker in your car. However, the legality often depends on the ownership of the car and the local privacy laws. Always consult an attorney in your local area before placing a GPS tracker in a car that you do not own. GPS trackers can be a valuable tool for fleet management and monitoring driving habits, but they must be used responsibly and legally.

Do I need to read user manuals when installing tracking devices inside my vehicle?

Yes, it is always best practice reading user manuals before installing tracking devices inside your vehicle. Why? These guides provide important details about how to properly fit the tracker for optimal performance. They also often include tips on how to hide the tracker effectively, whether it’s in a car seat cushion, the glove compartment, or even a magnetic box attached to the car’s metal surface.

How can you tell if there’s a GPS tracker on your car?

Signs of a hidden tracker can be subtle and require a thorough investigation. Keep an eye out for misplaced or unusual objects such as random wires, tapes, or a portable GPS tracker. Also, a device plugged into the data port under your steering wheel that you didn’t install could be a tracker. In situations where you suspect unwanted tracking, like in the case of a potentially cheating spouse, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance to ensure a comprehensive search.

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