hidden GPS tracker for car

Where would you hide a GPS tracker on a car?

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How Can I Hide My Car Tracker?

While some GPS tracker devices require the use of the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port for their power supply, the truth is that even those devices can sometimes be hidden pretty well with some creative wiring. That said, if someone is looking for a GPS tracker on their car, that’s likely where they would look first. But where would you hide a GPS tracker on a car, and how can you find a tracking device if you believe one is equipped to your automobile?

Instead, the models that are designed to withstand all conditions and that utilize strong magnets are going to be your best choice for staying discretely hidden. Think of places that are difficult to search for.

Where Are GPS Tracking Devices Placed On Cars

Wheel wells are a common hiding area for trackers, but can also be more easily searched. Keep in mind that any place that is easy for you to reach as you install the GPS tracking device is also going to be easy for other people to reach.

Other places to consider include the trunk. While more easily seen (depending on how often the trunk is used or how clean it is kept), hiding a GPS data logger in the trunk also means keeping it safer from the elements. Similarly, in the back of the glove box or underneath a seat are other places to consider if hiding a GPS tracker inside the automobile.

Other than the wheel well, other exterior hiding locations include on the frame itself or under the hood (especially if someone is less inclined to look at anything under the hood, for instance) or even under or behind the bumpers.

The truth is, you can hide a GPS tracker nearly anywhere inside or outside the vehicle. The trick is to be aware of where someone might search, how easily or quickly you can get to it if you need to retrieve it to download the data off of your GPS data logger, and other considerations such as battery life and vulnerability to weather and road elements.