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Which is the Best App for Mobile Tracker?

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Top 10 Best Mobile Tracker App

Let’s start with ten, then reveal our favorite. Without further ado, the 10 Best Mobile Tracker App.

Let’s start with the best cell phone tracking apps that may come included with your phone. You may well have one of these apps already on your phone, and depending on what you need your cell phone tracker to do, may not need to download another mobile tracker app.

  1. Android Device Manager. Device Manager comes built-in on every Android phone that’s attached to a Google account, which means that you can use the web browser side of the app to track your phone from any computer. Additionally, Google Maps has added a location sharing service through which you can share your location with family and friends for up to 72 hours.
  2. Find My iPhone. iPhones come with this default app which allows you to track your phone via Apple devices or the online iCloud. Even better, Find My iPhone will track your phone’s last known location even if your phone has died or is turned off, giving you a better chance of finding your phone even if it isn’t turned on. Additionally, Find My Friends is the app add-on that allows you to share locations with friends.
  3. Find My Phone for Windows. Just like the iPhone version, Find My Phone for Windows allows you to track your phone remotely once you log in, and Squad Watch is the version that allows you to see where your friends are.
  4. Tsheets. One of the best employee tracking options, the Quickbooks-developed app also incorporates a time clock and significant reporting. Even better? It’s free to start, and after that, only costs a few dollars each month per employee.
  5. Famlio. Another app that starts free, one of the key features of Famlio is a panic button, which any family member can trigger to alert the rest of the group immediately. The chat function that allows all group members to compare schedules, ETAs, and more, is even better.
  6. MobiStealth. While certainly one of the pricier options out there, it also might be the most thorough when it comes to cell phone tracking, keeping detailed notes not just on location, but all other sorts of phone activity as well.
  7. FlexiSpy. Designed for intense monitoring of employees, it also works well for those who want parental controls on their children’s’ phones. It can also track whether or not users are using the apps they’re supposed to on company time, for instance, or when they’re supposed to be doing homework.
  8. mSpy. Think of FlexiSpy designed specifically for parents and you pretty well have mSpy, which allows parents to track their children’s cell phone usage. Capacities differ between the Android and iPhone versions.
  9. Spyzie. Spyzie is similar to FlexiSpy in that it allows parents to track both their children’s phones and their children’s’ phone usage. Unlike FlexiSpy, however, all of the features are also available for the iPhone app.
  10. Life360. Another great family option, Life360 not only helps coordinate schedules but can also offer driver services such as driving reports, crash detection, and emergency response services.

When it comes to the best app, though? Really it comes down to what you need. For many users, the default apps (Android Device Manager, Find My iPhone, Find My Phone for Windows) are probably great. For those who need more, though, there are options—including some great ones that we just discussed.