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Publish Date: October 27, 2020

Last Update: September 2, 2023

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Review: A Must-Have Device for Every Concerned Parent

When it comes to family safety, one of the top-selling products on Amazon designed to bring parents of teen drivers peace-of-mind is a car tracker known as the MOTOsafety mini tracker. According to the manufacturer’s product description, this OBD GPS tracker can covertly be equipped to a child’s car where the realtime tracking device will then provide concerned parents with speed alerts, vehicle location updates, maintenance reminders, data on acceleration and braking, and other realtime reports that can help shape positive driving behaviors among teens. But before we proclaim this GPS vehicle tracker as a top pick among many of the other popular teen GPS trackers such as the Vyncs and SpyTec GL300, we had to first test the vehicle monitoring system. Here is our comprehensive MOTOsafety GPS tracker review and everything you need to know about the vehicle tracker before buying!

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MotoSafety GPS Tracker

MOTOsafety Login & Setup

When the OBD GPS arrived the first thing we had to do was activate the vehicle tracking solution. This was totally normal as every mini portable real time GPS or live monitoring system requires an activation so you can view the data from a mobile app or web browser. Setting up the device online was super easy and connecting the OBD GPS tracker to the vehicle so it could pull power from the car battery was very simple. You will need to provide a credit card and keep it on file for monthly fees, but the good news is the first-month subscription fee is free!

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MotoSafety GPS Tracker

Using The OBD2 GPS Tracker For Teen Drivers

Setting up the MOTOsafety device was easy and honestly, the online features were very similar to other OBDii port trackers in that it provides information about driving habits, realtime reports, speed alerts, and other helpful information for business owners or parents. One of the features we really enjoyed about the MOTOsafety mini tracker is that the system pulled power from the vehicle and therefore we never had to worry about battery life. This is certainly one of the challenges when using portable hidden GPS trackers. However, this also makes the device vulnerable if a crafty teen sees and identifies the tracker, and wants to hide location history from their parents.

Once we connected the teen driving coach to the OBD-II of the Ford Focus we were testing the tracker on, the next step was using some of the popular alerting features designed to help parents monitor safe driving activity. One of the first features we used was something called a geofence which allows you to create an online virtual boundary using the mobile app that will send an alert via email or SMS if the teen leaves that “safe zone”. We set this GPS tracking alert around my son’s high school that way we would know the moment he both arrived and departed from his school. The result? Instant real time alerts the very second he left his school! We were very impressed with this feature!

BONUS TIP: Some car insurance companies will provide discounts for parents who equip vehicle tracking devices onto any automobiles used by teenage drivers! 

MotoSafety GPS Tracker Review

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Review – Tracking A Teenage Driver

We also told the teen that the speed limit for the car was 70mph and that he should never go faster than that maximum limit regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, the rebellious teen had no problems routinely driving 80-90mph at times! Thankfully, we were alerted when he began driving at dangerously high rates of speed and could tell him right then and there to slow the f**k down! Other features we really liked about this vehicle’s GPS include the:

  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • Online interface and mobile app design for parents of teen drivers
  • Amazon bestseller for personal security systems
  • SIM card included 
  • One of the more affordable GPS trackers for cars found online
  • Identifies vehicle diagnostics such as braking and acceleration + engine trouble 

According to verified purchases on Amazon, MOTOsafety has over 2,000+ reviews, making it one of the most purchased GPS tracking devices online for teen driving safety!

MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Best For New Drivers

Can you put a tracker on a car without them knowing?

The MOTOsafety is barely visible to a teen driver which makes it nearly undetectable to the teenage motorist so that is something that parents should not have to worry about. The online driving reports are very easy to digest and over all the MOTOsafety OBD tracker does not require much technical expertise to manage. We certainly think the device has a lot of value for any parent who wants to enhance safety and the price is not too heavy. Although we find the vehicle GPS tracker is more equivalent than superior to the LandAirSea Sync or Vyncs OBD2 trackers, we find all 3 are great tools for shaping positive driving habits.

MotoSafety GPS Tracker OBD



MOTOsafety is becoming a brand synonymous with teen driving and peace of mind among parents of teen drivers. Anything we can do to prevent teen vehicle accidents is a positive and overall this is a quality tracker from our time using the device and according to consumer reports/reviews on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker?

The MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker offers an easy install process. All you need to do is plug it into the OBDII port of your car, usually located under the dashboard. No special tools or technical skills are needed. This feature makes it super accessible for everyone. You’ll be able to start monitoring your teen’s driving habits in no time.

Does the MOTOsafety OBD GPS come with a monthly fee?

Yes, it does. Like many GPS car trackers, the MOTOsafety OBD GPS requires a monthly fee for the tracker and monitoring system. This fee covers real-time location updates, route replay capabilities, and access to the driver report card feature. Despite the cost, it’s definitely worth it for the peace of mind it provides.

What unique features does the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker provide?

The MOTOsafety OBD GPS offers unique features that make it stand out among other trackers. For instance, it allows you to set curfew hours, monitor harsh braking and rapid acceleration, and coach your teen to improve their driving habits. In addition, the tracker’s route replay feature enables you to review your teen’s recent driving path, a significant advantage for parental monitoring.

Can the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker be hidden in the car?

Yes, the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker can be hidden. It plugs into the OBDII port, typically found underneath the dashboard, making the tracker hidden from view. This can help maintain the device’s security and ensure its long-term use. Plus, it won’t distract your teen while they’re driving.

How do I activate the MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker and access my account?

Activating the MOTOsafety GPS tracker and accessing your account is simple. You’ll need to go to the MOTOsafety’s customer login page. From there, you can activate devices using a credit card for the monthly fee. After successful activation, you’ll have access to the buyer’s guides and other useful resources to ensure the device is set up correctly and to get the most out of its features.

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