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Top 6 Reasons Why Professionals Choose GPSWOX Tracking Software

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The number of professionals using GPSWOX is increasing rapidly every single day. This fleet tracking and management software now have more than 100,000 satisfied customers all around the world.

Here are 6 simple reasons why.

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1. Straightforward Pricing

The number one aspect that any professional looks for when choosing tracking software is its pricing. Complicated, scheme-based pricing can be quite confusing and expensive for many, which is why GPSWOX’s simple pricing plans are so great.

Professionals can get started from just €99/month to track 1-100 objects, without needing to sign a contract. And they can upgrade to higher plans whenever they want. For those who want unlimited object tracking for life, they can just pay a one-time fee and the GPSWOX lifetime plan is theirs.

2. Ease of Use

GPSWOX makes it pretty easy to set up and use their software in just a few minutes. This is perhaps why they’ve earned 3 awards from the review site FinancesOnline: the Great User Experience Certificate, Experts Choice Award, and Supreme Software Award. It should come as no surprise then that professionals are loving this software, with its simple and clean layout and intuitive buttons and tabs.

3. Compatibility With Any Tracker or Sensor

Of course, a major reason that professionals – in car rentals, logistics, security, and government/NGOs – are looking for dependable tracking software is to help them use their GPS tracking hardware. Luckily for them, GPSWOX works with any tracker or sensor currently on the market.

It supports more than 600 GPS tracking devices and sensors, with the ability to easily integrate new portable GPS trackers or custom hardware into the tracking software.

4. Large Amount of Features

While the GPSWOX tracking software is easy and straightforward to use, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have industry-leading features that any professional will want and need. 

GPSWOX has the ability to integrate fleet data into enterprise applications, take infield live picture capture with a connected camera, manage multiple users and permissions, easily communicate with drivers, and so much more. 

5. Powerful Apps and Customizable Design

There is a wide range of tracking apps to help meet any business needs. Even better, GPSWOX’s expert developers can create custom apps if your business has more specific needs that are crucial or helpful to your business.

Customers also have the ability to customize the look and feel of the app to suit their brand. GPSWOX allows professionals to customize the software’s colors, change the login window, and the template, add their own logo, and much more.

6.  Free Training, Setup and 24/7 Tech Support

Lastly, whenever professionals need a little extra help, there’s free training and setup to assist them at every step. GPSWOX staff will help guide them through the software to familiarize them with the fleet tracking and management features. There’s also the always-available, 24/7 tech support to assist them with any questions at any time.

Professionals that haven’t tried out GPSWOX’s tracking software can sign up for a 30-day free trial at any time.