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Publish Date: October 2, 2020

Last Update: May 20, 2024

Best GPS Data Loggers – No Subscriptions Required!

GPS vehicle tracking devices can be used to identify employees misusing company automobiles, alert parents to a teen driving dangerously, or bust a cheating partner. GPS vehicle trackers are great but one shortcoming of this form of spy gear is that real time GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee. Thankfully, passive GPS data loggers provide the no monthly fee solution while also giving you the ability to secretly track any vehicle every single second. If you are looking for a no monthly fee GPS tracker that works anywhere in the world then here are our expert picks for the best GPS data loggers!

LandAirSea – Best Real Time GPS Tracker With No Subscription Fee!

GPS Asset Tracker


LandAirSea 54 is the only live GPS tracker with no monthly service fees, allowing anyone to be their own private investigator! Unlike the SpyTec GL300 and Tracki that require subscription fees, this wireless GPS tracking device is small, portable, 100% legal to purchase, and provides you with unlimited updates every minute for an entire year with no monthly fees! If you need a GPS car tracker that gives you the power to secretly track a car from your iPhone, and can help you easily catch a cheating spouse (without them ever knowing how!). 

Update (Feb. 24th, 2023): Many of the GPS data loggers mentioned below have been discontinued. The reason 97.4% of logging devices aren’t manufactured anymore is due to the decrease in the cost of real time GPS trackers and the increased demand for live GPS vehicle tracking devices.

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GPS Tracker Under Car

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FlashBack GPS – Best Mini GPS Data Logger

PlayBack GPS


  • Nearly undetectable size
  • 100% waterproof housing
  • Surface magnet so you can hide tracker under a car
  • Hidden GPS tracker updates every second
  • Free technical support 24/7
  • 6 months of vehicle tracking
  • Powerful GPS hardware and easy-to-use online software included


FlashBack is a portable tracking system that can be used for GPS fleet management or any application where you want to find out where a driver is going. The main reason why we love this tracking device is that it has the longest battery life of any no monthly fee GPS tracker on the market today. But there are other reasons why the LandAirSea Flashback receives our overall top pick as the best GPS data logger. GPS data logs every second, and the fleet tracking device will work anywhere in the world regardless of cell coverage. These reasons include the small size of the vehicle tracker, super-strong magnet mount, and award-winning technical support team that can help you with set-up!

Driving Activity Reporter – Best Value GPS Tracker Without Fees  

no monthly fee GPS tracker


  • Simple USB plug-and-play for easy download 
  • Top-selling data logger on the market since 2007
  • GPS tracker with magnet 
  • Online software 
  • Free technical support 24/7
  • USB GPS device


Driving Activity Reporter has been the top-selling GPS data logger since 2007, making it one of the best car trackers among real consumers and businesses. We really enjoyed the user-friendly online software of the Driving Activity Reporter that utilizes Google Maps and provides a number of different methods of viewing GPS tracking data. With intuitive text reports in CSV, Word, and PDF formats, accurate address arrival, and departure locations, and mileage reporting with timestamps, Driving Activity Reporter is definitely worth the value!

KJB Security SleuthGear iTrail GPS Logger – Smallest GPS Data Logger

trail gps data logger


  • Smallest GPS tracker with no subscription fees
  • 120 hours of internal storage
  • Works with Google Earth
  • Water-resistant 
  • GPS mapping and travel trip history 
  • Tech support Monday-Friday
  • Affordable GPS


One of the smallest GPS receivers on the market today, iTrail is great for employee monitoring, private investigators, athletes in need of a sport GPS, or anyone in need of a GPS unit to track activity. According to reviews on Brick House Security by verified buyers, the iTrail received 3 out of 5 stars from 195 consumers. Some of the positive things mentioned were the motion-activated sensor to help save battery power (FlashBack and Driving Activity Reporter also have this feature) and the small size of the GPS unit. However, the biggest complaints were that the device was not a live GPS tracker (duh) and that it was hard to upload data from the device to the computer. 

Honorable Mentions

LandAirSea FlashBack is the best overall data logger but we recommend any of the above-mentioned devices. There were some products we had high expectations for such as the Columbus P-1 Professional GPS Data Logger which was marketed as a bluetooth GPS receiver. Unfortunately, the bluetooth GPS receiver data logger had many negative Amazon reviews (2.4 stars out of 5), and there are not many customer testimonials of the bluetooth data logger. Below are some honorable mentions of GPS receivers you can research on your own!

  1. iGotu GT120 Travel
  2. GPS Tracking Key
  3. QStarz BL1000GT
  4. Canmore gt730fls GPS Data Logger
  5. Columbus v990 GPS Data Logger

Fun fact: passive GPS systems can not be detected by counter-surveillance tools such as sweepers

GPS Data Logger Comparison

Driving Activity Reporter

Flash Back GPS

iTrail GPS Logger

Getting a GPS tracking device for automotive monitoring can be expensive for those who decide to purchase real-time GPS trackers. However, there are a number of alternatives available that can still help provide small businesses and families with the vehicle tracking data they seek without breaking the proverbial bank. The solution comes in a form of GPS tracker known as the data logger (car tracking devices with no monthly fees), and the passive classification of the system is allowing anyone to keep track of their automotive historical driving activity.

GPS data loggers are not real-time GPS trackers. This is the most important thing for small businesses and consumers to be mindful of before making a purchase. Therefore, data logger technology will not help a person if their car or truck is stolen, and does not give the user instant access to the location of their vehicle. Instead, this form of tracker device offers historical records of driving. This can be particularly advantageous for those such as:

  1. Companies Wanting To Know Where Drivers Are Going Throughout The Day
  2. Parents Wanting To Check The Speed(s) Their Teen Is Driving
  3. Lovers Suspecting Infidelity
  4. Police-Involved In Surveillance Investigative Matters
  5. Business Looking To Track Mileage Driven

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How GPS Data Logger Works

Since GPS data loggers do not offer live locational information, the user must remove the car tracker from the automobile in order to observe historical driving information. Once the GPS tracker has recorded data and been removed from the vehicle it was tracking, all the user has to do is connect the GPS tracking device to a personal computer for download. The data transfer is completed via USB direct connect or download cable. Once the GPS tracking data has been downloaded to the personal computer, the user can observe all driving activity. The driving activity can be broken down into a detailed driving report, intuitive historical playback mode, or simply displayed on top of the satellite imaging program Google Earth.

Affordable Tracking Device: Why GPS Data Loggers Are A Cost-Effective Solution For Location Tracking

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to track your vehicle, GPS data loggers might be the solution you’re looking for. The primary reason that makes GPS data loggers more favorable compared to real-time vehicle locators is cost. Unlike real-time trackers, GPS data loggers do not carry any monthly service fees, which can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Additionally, the hardware cost for GPS data loggers is as much as 33%-50% cheaper than the hardware cost associated with real-time GPS trackers. This means that both the short-term and long-term investment in data loggers is substantially more cost-effective than real-time trackers.

While there are other benefits to using data loggers that make these tracker devices popular among consumers and small businesses, the low cost of hardware and no service obligations are the primary reasons why people invest in GPS data loggers over real-time GPS trackers. However, it’s important to note that there are a number of different types of GPS data loggers on the market, so it’s essential to conduct research before making any investment in GPS tracking hardware.

When it comes to vehicle location device technology, there are a lot of different solutions for companies and families to choose from. Therefore, doing a little research and speaking with a GPS tracking expert is certainly a good thing. However, if cost-effectiveness is your primary concern, the most affordable option to date for car tracking is through the implementation of data loggers. This is due to the more affordable hardware costs and the absence of monthly data fees. By investing in a GPS data logger, you can track your vehicle’s location without breaking the bank.

GPS Data Logger Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Examples Of GPS Data Logger Devices?

There are many different GPS data logger devices available, including the Bad Elf GPS Pro Bluetooth Data Logger, the BTQ1000XT Bluetooth Data Logger GPS Receiver, the Qstarz BTQ1000XT Bluetooth GPS Data Logger, the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield, and the Ultimate GPS Logger Mark II.

What Are Some Features To Consider When Buying A GPS Data Logger?

Some features to consider when selecting a GPS data logger include the type of GPS module included, whether or not the device is water-resistant, whether or not the device can be powered externally, whether or not it includes a microSD card slot for expanded memory, and whether or not it includes additional sensors like temperature and vibration sensors.

What Is The Difference Between A GPS Data Logger And A Real-Time GPS Tracker?

The primary difference between a GPS data logger and a real-time GPS tracker is that GPS data loggers do not transmit data in real-time. Instead, they store the data on internal memory or an external microSD card for later retrieval. Real-time GPS trackers, on the other hand, transmit data in real-time, often with the help of a cellular connection.

Can GPS Data Loggers Be Connected To Other Devices?

Many GPS data loggers include Bluetooth or BLE connectivity, which allows them to be connected to smartphones, tablets, or other devices. This can make it easier to transfer data or monitor the device remotely.

What Software Is Available For GPS Data Loggers?

Many GPS data loggers include software for retrieving and analyzing data, but there are also third-party software solutions available. Some popular options include Bad Elf GPS Pro, Qstarz Sync, and Adafruit’s GPS Loggers software.