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How To Remove Tracker From Car


Publish Date: July 17, 2021

Last Update: November 6, 2023

5 Steps To Remove GPS Tracker From Car

Tracking systems are commonly used for asset tracking and family security applications, but the same tracking devices for cars can be used for more nefarious purposes. Borderline nefarious uses of GPS vehicle tracking devices include car dealers who repo an automobile if a buyer fails to make payment, private investigators who are hired to spy on someone, and people who suspect their partner of cheating. If you are concerned a GPS vehicle tracker is on your automobile here are five helpful tips on how to detect, locate, and remove GPS tracker!

Step 1: Use GPS Tracker Detector To Locate Device

How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car

Real time GPS tracking devices transmit data using cellular networks and those signals can be picked up with a GPS tracker. Therefore, you will want to purchase a GPS tracker detector and scan the inside and outside of the target vehicle. The detection unit will alert you if a GPS device is tracking the vehicle. However, it is important to note that live GPS trackers are designed with motion sensors that will place the car tracking unit into sleep mode after a vehicle has been parked for 2-3 minutes. That means you will want to scan the vehicle with the detection device immediately after parking. 

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Step 2: Perform Visual Inspection On Outside Of Car

GPS Tracker Under Car

Most car tracker devices are not permanently installed via black wires to the 12-volt system or ignition wires. In fact, most GPS car tracker devices are portable with magnets so they can more easily be hidden inside or outside of a car. That means you are gonna need to perform a visual inspection on the outside of the automobile if you want the device from your car removed. Here are a few of the locations where a security GPS might be located on the outside of your vehicle. 

  • Wheel Well. A popular and easily accessible location on a vehicle where GPS tracking systems are often attached and hidden.
  • Front & Rear Bumper. Rear or front bumpers are great spots a vehicle tracker on your car can easily be hidden in. 
  • Underneath The Car. GPS signals can reflect off the ground to secretly track your vehicle so you will need to grab a flashlight and scan underneath your car. 

Step 3: Look Inside Car For Vehicle Tracking Devices

How To Remove GPS Tracker From Car

The most common place a GPS fleet tracking system is connected to a car is via the OBD2 port. You can find out where the OBD2 port is on the make and model of your vehicle by searching here. Other popular locations a personal vehicle tracker can be hidden inside an automobile include:

  • Beneath the front/passenger seats
  • Tucked away in the glovebox
  • Inside the center console of the automobile
  • Hidden in a speaker compartment 
  • Pushed inside a seat cushion
  • Behind the seats 

Step 4: Remove GPS Tracking Device

OBD2 GPS Tracker

Removing the GPS on your car is easy if the device is portable, but if someone installed the car tracker using a black and red wire to pull power from the vehicle’s 12-volt system then you might want to consider reaching out to a professional installer. Wires connected to the GPS tracker need to be cut/removed properly so they don’t cause electrical issues with your vehicle. That means you can’t start cutting random wires in an attempt at disabling the GPS and covering all the cut wires with electrical tape. If the device installed on the car is wired to the automobile please contact a professional for safe removal. Here are the 3 different types of GPS car trackers and you should remove them from your vehicle:

Wireless GPS Tracker

  • Inspect common hiding spots (under car, trunk, wheel wells).
  • Pry off if magnetically attached.
  • Turn off or remove battery.

Hardwired GPS Tracker

  • Typically located under the dashboard.
  • Disconnect vehicle’s battery.
  • Unwire the tracker and secure loose wires.

OBD2 Connected GPS Tracker

  • Find the OBD2 port beneath the dashboard.
  • Unplug the real time OBD2 GPS tracker.

Step 5: Observe GPS Device For Identifying Mark

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 Once you removed the device from the vehicle the last thing you will want to do is try and identify who the manufacturer is of the tracking system and hopefully find out who purchased the device. GPS companies store tracking data and accounts are created based on the serial number of each tracker. So if you can figure out who the manufacturer is you can reach out to them, provide the serial number, and request the name of the person who purchased the tracker. Finding this information can be as easy as searching on Amazon for vehicle tracking devices.

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Remove GPS Tracker From Car


Are There Different Types Of GPS Trackers?

Yes, there are several types of GPS trackers. These include portable GPS trackers, which are compact and movable, and hardwired GPS trackers, typically installed in the electrical system of the car. Others, like the OBD2 GPS and plug-and-play trackers, connect to the vehicle’s data connector plug. Certain models like the Family1st portable GPS tracker even come with a companion app for real-time location tracking.

Where Are GPS Trackers Usually Located In A Car?

GPS trackers are often discreetly placed. They might be hidden under the steering wheel, near metallic surfaces, or connected to the data connector plug. Hidden GPS trackers might also be located in the trunk, under seats, or even attached to the GPS antenna. So, it’s crucial to inspect your car thoroughly to locate the device.

Can I Remove A GPS Tracker From My Car Without Professional Assistance?

Yes, you can remove a GPS tracker from your car in easy steps. After you’ve located the device, if it’s a portable GPS or magnetic tracker, you simply take it off. For hardwired GPS systems, disconnect the device by carefully removing the wire from the electrical system of your car. However, for complicated setups like an OBD2 GPS, professional assistance might be required.

Is It Safe To Install Or Remove GPS Trackers From Vehicles?

Yes, it is safe and easy to install or remove GPS trackers from vehicles. However, while removing hardwired GPS tracking devices, there’s a risk of damaging the vehicle’s electrical system. Therefore, for car safety, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance. This will ensure your safety and security, and that of your loved ones, without compromising the car’s functionality.

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