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Tracki Review 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Tracki Real Time GPS Tracker 

According to the manufacturer, Tracki is a mini real-time GPS tracker that allows you to track your children, pets, elderly, car, and virtually anything. It is a smart tracking device that offers worldwide coverage and the ultimate peace-of-mind to any parent. This is why we were so excited to evaluate the personal GPS tracker and all of its features from geo-fences to using the mini real time car tracker to follow a vehicle using the Tracki app. I, like any other concerned parent and dog owner, place great emphasis on the security and safety of my son and pet. This is why I have a personal interest in using a mini real time GPS tracker for security purposes. So let’s get into the details and my overall thoughts on the portable tracking device and see if the manufacturer’s claims hold up when Tracki devices are put into a real-world test!


We purchased the GPS tracking device engineered by Tracki Inc. due to the high number of positive online reviews on Amazon. The plan was to use the location tracker for two purposes: one for my four-year-old son Tyler, who just started school, and the other for my mixed-breed pup, who is super energetic and loves sneaking out when I am not home. My first impression of the GPS tracker was the affordable price of $18.88 when on sale on Amazon, and also how impressive it was in terms of size, ability to be hidden, and portability. In fact, the vehicle car tracker is so lightweight a child can not even feel it when it is attached to their belt clip and even elderly dogs will be comfortable wearing it on a collar.

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Setting Up The Tracki Model Mini Real Time GPS

Before you can begin using the cell phone app and tracking vehicles, car, kids, the elderly, or other personal assets you will first need to activate the real time tracker. This is a simple process that can be done online where you will choose the data plan for the monthly fee required and create an account with a username and passcode. Setting up the GPS vehicle tracker with an iPhone was simple and easy, as there was no hassle or figuring out stuff. This is great for people who might not be very tech-savvy but still have a need to secretly track someone’s car without them knowing. Once you have selected the single or multi-month plan for data, and downloaded the free Tracki mobile app for Android or iPhone, you will be ready to track whatever you want!

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5 Best Tracki Features:

  1. Super Easy Set-Up 
  2. Easy To Hide With Accessory Magnetic Mount
  3. Geo Fences That Alert You When Vehicle Moves
  4. No Hard Wiring Required
  5. GPS Vehicle Tracker Is Very Affordable 

After about 10 days of using the real time tracker, I can say I really liked being at my office knowing that I quickly locate my son or dog. With seemingly unlimited distance coverage and an extended battery pack, the GPS tracker worked great. Besides that, the SOS button on the GPS tracker is highly useful and so important in my opinion. My son easily learned that he can press the ‘red button’ when he feels unsafe. In order to use the SOS button all you need to do is press and hold it down for approximately 3 seconds, at which time you will see 2 blue lights blinking followed by a beep. This will activate the SOS distress alert to be sent, recording the exact location where the alert was transmitted.

Another great feature was the geo fence (red zone) alert function which was helpful if my son ever crossed the pavement of our house or school. The same goes for my dog, I have set my house fence as the boundary, and I can get an alert through notification if my dog ever crosses it. The red zone alert allows me to call my neighbor so she can check up on my dog and bring it back within the confines of my home. The waterproof box is an added bonus since my dog loves playing in puddles and often gets the tracker wet.

How Accurate Is Tracki GPS?

According to the live GPS tracker manufacturer, the device claims to be accurate within about 2 meters (6 feet) when the device has an optimum line of sight to the sky. In my experience, the Tracki mini real-time tracker is accurate and gives live locations with precision, but there were some occasions where data was not as precise as it should have been. For example, it worked immaculately outdoors, but there were some inconsistencies when the subject was indoors. It has the option of working on mobile networks like GSM outdoors, whereas, it works on WI-Fi or can be used as a Bluetooth tracker inside the home, which is something you really want to set up if you want accurate location tracking inside a home. Our house is pretty large, but it still covers all floors and rooms. It sparsely ever loses connection or the tracking becomes stagnant; this usually happens in remote areas where signals are an issue and even then connectivity is re-established swiftly. 

For my peace of mind, I set the live tracking to breadcrumbs details, so, I could trace my son and dog to their every step. The interface of the application and the overall quality of the tracker allow this to seamlessly happen. The notifications and alerts also work perfectly. By setting up perimeters and Geofence zones, the tracker is precise in sending speedy notifications if the real time tracker moves to the other side of the boundary. I  set my alerts on my Tracki application but there are options to also receive updates via SMS and email. 

Tracki GPS Reviews

What Online Shoppers Say About Tracki GPS

Overall, the Amazon reviews for Tracki GPS car tracker were okay (4.1 out of 5 stars). One of the best Amazon reviews from a verified buyer said, “I purchased the Tracki with suspicion of my husband’s activity, and thanks for the Tracki I was correct, it was a great device and works amazing”. 

However, an Amazon buyer who had a negative experience said, “The update feature does not work at all”.

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How Long Does Tracki Battery Last?

The battery of the Tracki GPS was one of the device’s shortcomings compared to the SpaceHawk GPS or OBD2 tracking solutions that can pull power directly from a vehicle. Battery life can vary quite drastically depending on the number of real-time updates you have set and whether you have the extended battery pack or not. For my son, I set updates for every five minutes, and with the standard battery pack, I got a battery life of 3 days. This increased to two weeks when I purchased the additional 3500 mAh battery (optional battery). The location tracker on my dog has the standard battery which gave me a battery run of about 2 weeks.

Does Tracki Have A Monthly Fee?

Since the mini real time GPS tracker needs a network connection for the pre-installed SIM card to work, you will have to pay a monthly fee. This is standard for all live GPS tracking devices. The monthly data charge for Tracki GPS device is $19.95 for the best available package; with unlimited distance and worldwide coverage on 3G. However, with most devices being totally 4G or transitioning to 5G this shows that the Tracki is starting to fall behind the curve. There are cheaper packages as well starting from just $13.95. Not only is this cheap but there are also no activation, roaming, or cancellation fees.

  • Note: The Tracki website compares the device to other popular selling devices such as the Spy Tec GL 300 and LandAirSea GPS 54, but the comparison is dishonest in terms of the product cost and data plan cost. Showing incorrect pricing of your competitor’s products is disingenuous and worth noting. 

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How To Cancel Subscription To Tracki?

When I bought my Tracki GPS device, I was skeptical about the cancellation policy (as many GPS companies will require 30-day notice or an annual contract for GPS data plans. Even though I never really felt like returning my Tracki GPS’s, I still called their customer service and briefed myself with their return policy which is simple and accommodating. You can return your Tracki with complete reimbursement in case you did not use it within 30 days. All faulty devices are also accepted back with a speedy delivery replacement within two days according to the technical support team. In the case, that you have used your Tracki real-time tracker but still want to return it, you can do so but full reimbursement may not be possible if there are damages to the tracker. However, the monthly connection plan cannot be refunded in any case, since, that is paid to the cellular provider. 

Where Do You Put A Tracki?

The Tracki GPS is a hidden, small, portable tracking device that offers additional GPS accessories such as a keychain attachment, lanyard, a belt clip, and magnet. For my dog, I hung the tracker with a lanyard to the collar and my dog wears it without even noticing. My son’s tracker was placed on his waist through a belt clip. Perhaps, for attaching the tracker to heavy objects you can make use of the magnet. Adults can put the tracker in their pockets, and for use in cars, it can be placed in the glove box or under a target vehicle.

Is Tracki Waterproof?

The Tracki location tracker is not waterproof. However, the real time GPS device can be purchased alongside a magnetic waterproof box with an extended battery upgrade for an additional $10. The box is sturdy and attaches easily to the tracker by removing the back cover of the battery. The water resistance offered is more than practical for everyday use. The strong magnetic cover also comes in handy for attaching the tracker to metallic objects.

For more information on this product please visit the Tracki WEBSITE HERE!

Tracki GPS Reviews


Clearly, the small size and affordable price tag are the two best features of the Tracki real time GPS tracking system. So if you are on a tight budget this is a pretty good introductory personal GPS tracker. However, the lack of waterproof housing, magnet mount, and overall battery power leave us wanting a little more. Tracki is best used as a personal GPS compared to a fleet tracking and maintenance solution for businesses and for that reason we give the Amazon top seller a 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

3.5 Star Rating